Lanzarote Wine Run 2024

Lanzarote Wine Run is an annual event that fuses sport with wine culture. In 2024 it will be celebrated on Sunday, June 16. This event is not only a sporting competition, but also celebrates the wine traditions of the region, offering a unique experience to its participants.

Lanzarote is known for its volcanic landscapes and its peculiar method of vine cultivation. The vineyards, located in the La Geria area, are a spectacle in themselves. The vines are planted in holes surrounded by small stone walls to protect them from the wind and take advantage of the humidity of the volcanic soil, creating a distinctive landscape that seems taken from another world. It is in this unique environment where the Lanzarote Wine Run takes place.

The event consists of several modalities to adapt to different levels of runners and walkers. Participants can opt for the 23-kilometer run or a 12-kilometer walk, both routes winding through the vineyards and offering stunning views of the volcanic landscape. The most competitive seek to beat their personal records, while others prefer to enjoy the tour at a more relaxed pace, stopping to savor the surroundings and, of course, the local wine.

A distinctive element of the Lanzarote Wine Run is the integration of wine culture into the experience. Along the route, there are refreshment stations where participants can taste different varieties of wines produced in the region, accompanied by local products such as cheeses and sausages. This combination of sport and wine tourism offers a multi-sensory experience that attracts both running lovers and wine fans.

In addition to the run and walk, the Lanzarote Wine Run includes a series of parallel events that enrich the experience. These include wine tastings, guided winery tours and exhibitions on Lanzarote’s wine history. Cultural and gastronomic activities are also organized, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in local culture.

The Lanzarote Wine Run is more than just a competition; It is a celebration of nature, culture and tradition of Lanzarote. This event stands out for its ability to attract a wide variety of participants, from elite athletes to families and tourists looking for a different experience. In short, the Lanzarote Wine Run is a festival of sport and wine that captures the essence of the island and offers all its participants an unforgettable adventure.

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