Jameos del Agua and Cueva de los Verdes

The Cueva de los Verdes and the Jameos del Agua are two of the most impressive attractions in Lanzarote, located in the north of the island and formed by the volcanic activity of the La Corona volcano approximately 21,000 years ago. Both places stand out not only for their natural beauty, but also for their cultural and geological importance.

La Cueva de los Verdes

The Cueva de los Verdes is part of an extensive volcanic tunnel more than 6 kilometers long, one of the longest in the world. This cave, historically used by the inhabitants of Lanzarote to take refuge from pirate attacks, today offers an underground route of approximately one kilometer, artistically illuminated to highlight its natural formations.

One of the most notable features of the Cueva de los Verdes is its acoustic environment. Inside, there is a natural auditorium where concerts are occasionally held, taking advantage of the exceptional acoustics of the place. In addition, the tour guides reveal one of the cave’s best-kept secrets at the end of the tour, providing a memorable surprise to visitors.

Los Jameos del Agua

The Jameos del Agua, located a few kilometers from the Cueva de los Verdes, are an artistic intervention by the famous Lanzarote architect and artist César Manrique. Manrique transformed the space, which is part of the same volcanic tube as the Cueva de los Verdes, into a work of art that combines nature and design.

The term “jameo” refers to a cavity formed by the collapse of the roof of a volcanic tunnel, creating an opening to the outside. At Jameos del Agua, this geological feature has been used to create a unique environment that includes a natural lake, a subtropical garden, an auditorium, and an interpretation center for volcanic life. The inland lake is home to the albino crab (Munidopsis polymorpha), an endemic species and symbol of the place.

How to get there from Puerto del Carmen

To get to the Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua from Puerto del Carmen, one of the most popular tourist areas of Lanzarote, you can choose various modes of transport:

1. By car: The most direct route is to take the LZ-2 towards the north, and then follow the LZ-1 passing Arrecife and Costa Teguise. Continue on the LZ-1 until the detour towards the LZ-204, which will take you directly to the Cueva de los Verdes and the Jameos del Agua. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes and is well signposted.

2. By bus: There is a public bus network that connects Puerto del Carmen with the north of the island. You can take line 60 from Puerto del Carmen to Arrecife and then change to line 9 that goes towards Órzola, making a stop at Jameos del Agua and Cueva de los Verdes.

3. Organized excursions: Several tour companies offer excursions from Puerto del Carmen that include visits to both sites, usually with guides who provide additional information about the history and geology of the places.

Both places represent the perfect harmony between human intervention and natural majesty, offering visitors a unique experience that captures the volcanic and cultural essence of Lanzarote. The combination of history, nature and art makes a visit to the Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua an essential activity for any traveler on the island.